Convert endnotes to footnotes?

Does anyone know how I can convert endnotes to footnotes which appear at the bottom of each page?

Also, does Scrivener have the ability to create a bibliography from my endnotes to work from?


If I am not mistaken, Scrivener in itself doesn’t have endnotes.
You can do the opposite of what you asked :
(Compiler’s options)

But I can’t think of how it’d be possible to achieve the other way around (endnotes as footnotes), since there are no endnotes to begin with.


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Currently, all my footnotes show at the end of the book and are divided by chapters. I’d like to have them show on the bottom of each page.

Uncheck these :

[EDIT] These are Windows screenshots by the way. I only just noticed you’re running a Mac.
These options might be somewhere else for you. (My bad.)

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There is not a bibliography function. And, of course, Scrivener has no way to know what is citation text and what is any other sort of text that might appear in a footnote.

However, you can use inline notes for informational footnotes, and inspector notes for citations. (Or vice versa.) And then the Compile command can treat one as footnotes and the other as endnotes.

Perhaps one could define a custom character style that did nothing stylewise but enabled you to ”mark” the citation text spans wherever they appeared, and then connive some way to gather all those up when needed — though I haven’t quite guessed how to do this last part.

I’d clone those that I want listed in the “bibliography” as comments or annotations,

Then you compile the whole project and finally ditch everything but the endnotes.


You can even turn them into inline annotations, so you wouldn’t then have to clone them.
[EDIT] Not sure that would work so well though, now that I think of it, you still need them to be able to compile normally. Likely my previous suggestion was better…

That could work, but I think it’d need some elbow grease :
(I can’t think of a way to automate this either.)

Copy paste to a new document.

→ I used “emphasis” just for the sake of the screenshots, but you’d create your “citations” style that otherwise does nothing, like @gr suggested. (?)

New document (The document where you’d collect your citations.)


You could even rather copy them in the synopsis or the notes panel of the same/source document (synopsis or notes, one of the two that you otherwise don’t use throughout your project), then have a compile format compile only the document’s title and that.

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