Convert list within a document to a set of documents?

Is there a way to take a list within a document, say:


and automatically turn it into 3 documents in the binder titled “Red”, “Blue”, and “Green”?

What I’m really trying to do, ultimately, is quickly convert a list into a set of notes in Scapple, but I suspect that converting the list into a set of documents in Scrivener is a necessary first step.


Select “Blue” and hit OPT-COM-K, or Documents > Split > with Selection as Title
Do the same with “Green”
You’ll wind up with three docs, one titled Blue and one Green.
You can then label the remaining “Red.”

See section 15.2.3 in the manual.


Another technique is to do the splitting in Scapple, using its automatic split feature, which you’ll get when you drag a text file into the board. For a file that consists of one note per line, you could split by a carriage return. The easiest way to get a file like that out of Scrivener will be to select it and use the File/Export/Files… menu command.

Splitting can also be done in Scapple by hand, by putting the cursor in the note where you want to split it into two, and using the same Cmd-K shortcut. That may be more efficient if the lists are short.