Convert markdown back to italics?

I see in the Covert menu an option to convert bold/italics to markdown, but is there any simple way of converting it the other way around (without compiling)?

Brett Terpstra’s Markdown Service Tools ( … wn-to-rtf/) include Markdown —> RTF. Will that do?


With both Marked and Fletcher’s own MultiMarkdown Composer, you can paste a chunk of text in from Scrivener and then copy straight out of that as rich text, pasting it back into Scrivener. In Marked, it is Edit/Copy as Rich Text. In Composer, the command is Edit/Copy As/Copy Document as Rich Text.

If you need more than section-by-section conversion however, then I don’t see any reason to avoid using the compiler.

Section-by-section was what I was looking for, yes, so these suggestions look like they should work great. Thanks for the help!