Convert recovered file names to original file names

I am using Mac.
I have got about 18 thousands entry in one scrivener file (another scrivener project).
I have got thousands entry in main scrivener project also.
When I want to import another file to main scrivener file, I received below the message:
“Your system has run out of application memory”
Scrivener couldn’t finish import scrivener project.
I could turn off my computer.
When I open main file, Scrivener created recovered files folder, and changed all file names to
recovered file-1
recovered file-2
recovered file-3
recovered file-18000
How can I convert new entry names (Recovered File-X) to original entry names?
Thanks for help.

I would step back to the most recent project backup rather than trying to sort out 18,000 anonymous binder items by hand. Instructions for restoring from backups are provided in §5.2.4, Restoring from Backups in the user manual.

If your project is large enough to be taxing your hardware, you might consider splitting it up a few times into separate projects, to avoid this happening again.