Convert richtext to markdown yet keep pandoc zotero placeholders intact

Thanks so much! This script is perfect – this way I don’t even have to use a citations style , marking every bibkey. For me this is the perfect solution!
I am truly grateful for all your help, only wish I could write scripts like this myself…

You’re welcome, it was just a small mod of my older scripts. Ruby is, in my mind, the easiest and most elegant of the scripting languages, and worth it to get the basics down if you get some time.

I also strongly recommend VS Code + Codeium. Codeium is an AI coding assistant, and can pretty much write a script like the one I shared, given some guidance and prompting. You can also ask it to explain each section of the script for you, its pretty amazing!

They have an online chat client you can talk to:

you can modify that script if you want other escapes removed, like:


would replace escape asterisks etc. you can just stack these replacements one after the other…