Convert Scrivener to doc file?

My topic title may be a bit confusing, so here’s the deal: I just joined a very small writers group online. The group members will critique each others’ works in progress using email. Everyone involved (except me) plans to use Word (and doc files) with “track changes.” As I understand it, this is the preferred method of editing.

My problem is twofold: I’m using a Mac and Scrivener, and have never used Word (for Windows or Mac) at any time. So… I’m looking for a substitute way. Is there a way to print out several chapters of my WIP in some format that will allow track changes? Is it possible to use PDFs for this? (I’m not a techie, if it’s even necessary to mention it) :frowning:

You can compile (or export) all or any part of your work in progress to Word (doc or docx) format. If your fellow writers use track changes in Word, you can view those created-in-Word changes in Pages (if you have Pages on your Mac), or you can ask for the Word files to be saved as a PDFs, which can be opened in Preview or Scrivener. Perhaps best to try a small test file first to make sure you are happy with the process.

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