Convert .scrivproj to .scrivx ?

My first Scrivener license was on a Mac in 2010. I’m now on Windows. I managed to open most of my old projects, but several have only .scrivproj files, not .scriv or .scrivx - what’s the easiest way to convert or import these projects into my new Windows version?

These are older projects, from back in the 1.x days. As you may recall, back then the thought of a Windows version was laughable, so the project format took full advantage of various Mac proprietary formats, such as RTFD and its method of storing data, like the names of items and how they are organised in the binder. It’s impossible to read these formats outside of a Mac, unfortunately. You will need a Mac to make the conversion to the 2.x format, built specifically to use cross-platform friendly formats. Note if you don’t have one any longer and end up having to borrow some time on one, the demo version of Scrivener will do fine for the conversions.

No, haven’t had a Mac for a few years. I think I’ll probably just look into recreation and importing bits, unless that gets too detailed. If they have been lying dormant that long, they probably weren’t really good ideas to begin with lol