Convert Storyist to Scrivener without Mac

May laptop finally died (Mac) and I’ve decided that the replacement must be affordable. Because of this I no longer have access to a Mac or Storyist to export my manuscripts into a format that is digestible by Scrivener.

I’d like to take all those manuscripts and simply convert them, but I’m not seeing a pathway to accomplish this. Can anyone help?

Do you own an iOS device (iPhone or iPad)? If so, iOS Storyist could export to RTF, which Scriv can digest.

I no longer own a functional version of an iOS device

What format are those manuscripts? They’re inside Storyist, is that what you mean? And if your Mac is deceased, where is your Storyist text data now–on the Mac hard drive?

I had them all saved to a dropbox subfolder. They’re all in storyist’s format, but Scrivener can’t seem to read it.

Understand that position, however have you looked at the new MacBook Air which is actually less than many comparable (quality and performance wise) Win notebooks? That, or the Apple refurb options or the regular Amazon and others specials?

I can think of a few ways to bring Storyist to Scrivener, however they do require access to Mac. I have Storyist installed on one of my Macs (from before I saw the light) so will have a play and get back. Might be a day or two.

Okay, can help if you are desperate.

As I remembered, Storyist can export to a Scrivener project, though do expect some tidy up after.

If you do need it done for you, happy to do so at no charge for doing the conversion though it would require access to a shared Dropbox folder, which obviously requires a certain level of trust. Feel free to PM.

Apologies if this is outside of forum rules.

Thanks for the offer, I think I can probably work it out on my own. What would be super is if L&L added this import path as a feature. I know when I made the decision to use Scrivener years ago that this was a major obstacle then. I let the conversion task linger and now I’m stuck. Such is life.

Maybe I can find a third party app that can consume Storyist and spit out something Scrivener can consume? For now, I’ll carry on.

The page linked below defines Storyist’s internal project format.

Text files are stored in OpenDocument Format (ODF), which I believe is readable by Word.

You might want to copy one of your Storyist projects from DropBox, and then dig around to see if you can find and open the actual text files. (Always work from a copy, so you don’t inadvertently corrupt your source data!)


FWIW, just to test I dragged a 1-page Open Document text (.odt) file into an existing Scrivener project, using Scrivener 1.9 (not the beta) . It was converted and seems to show up with formatting pretty much OK. However, an image that was included in the document did not come into Scrivener. I got the same result using File > Import (and .odt is one of the file types listed in that dialog). I know zip minus squat about Storyist and its file formats, but if what you’ve got is some simple .odt text files, you may be able to just drag or import them into Scrivener.