convert text to comment?

Is it possible to convert text to comment?
I’d like to directly convert a selected text so that it automatically becomes a comment (or footnote)

If you just select the text and then choose the appropriate entry in the menu, that text should become a comment — inline or inspector — or footnote — inline or inspector — or you can press the associated shortcut key combinations if you know them rather than using the menu. That’s about as automatic as it’s going to get.


Mr X

Thanks for the quick reply.
I am not sure if I made myself understood.
I don’t want to “add a comment” to a text but change/convert a text I have previously written (as text) into a comment. This selected text would then disappear from the Document Text and ‘reappear’ in the comment inspector… Hope this explains what I intend to do.

And of course, if this is easily doable, please indicate the exact menu items/shortcuts because I have been looking around for quite some time before finally turning to this forum…

Many thanks again!

I think what you would need to do is

  1. select the text
  2. cut the text
  3. “Comment” (the format menu tells you what the key shortcut is for that)
  4. paste the text

since the last thing you did in your document leaves the cursor where the cut text was, the comment lines up there.

  • asotir

Here is a Keyboard Maestro macro that will do just that. I myself would prefer just using inline annotations to toggle the text out of the manuscript without moving it (that way if you change your mind about it being a comment later, it doesn’t need to be positioned, it’s already right where it was). (857 Bytes)

Thanks again for the help.

What I have found to be the (so far) quickest way is to

1: select text
2: make it an inline annotation or footnote (e.g. Cmd+Shift+F for the latter)
3: choose Format>Convert>Inline Annotations (or Footnotes) to Inspector…

(3:) can be done for all at one go, so I guess I am not so far off my original wish (to combine steps 2 and 3 in one)

Unless there is already a way to “combine” 2 and 3, in which case my original problem would be solved…

AmberV: What’s the deal with positioning of comments? Aren’t they “positioned” relative to where the text they refer to is anyway? (i.e. I’d think they move with their respective text…)

Well it depends on what you are doing, what I meant by positioning it later was from my own usage, which it sounded like you might be doing. I’ll use the inline tool to block out bits of text so that I can see how it reads without those lines (that’s easy to do by creating a snapshot with the edited text, and then selecting all, Shift-Opt-Cmd-C + Cmd-V). I might later want to restore it in the same position it was in, and that can be done by just selecting the annotation and toggling it off. If I were to pull out text with comments I’d have to copy and paste the text back into the document and get it in the right spot—hence positioning. But if that is not what you are doing—if this text is never going to possibly return to its original position, then a full move to comments would be just as well.

Thank you AmberV,

I see what you mean – and it makes sense for this kind of workflow.