Convert text to sentence case

I’m sure Scrivener 3 must have convert to Sentence Case somewhere (like Word, Pages, InDesign et al) but I can’t find it. Can someone show me where it is? I can only find convert to Upper Case, Title Case or Lower Case.

Scrivener uses the macOS text system, which means it has the same transformation options as TextEdit.

Unfortunately, sentence case is not an option.

I use this type of conversion quite often. Is there a workaround for it? Am I correct in believing this is one that others depend on as well? Seems crazy to me for it to remain omitted. Forces me constantly to convert to lower case, then search through the converted text to insert the desired caps. Thanks.

Use an online tool? … gAbOnbbQBg

Install Wordservice from the App Store – it’s a free set of services by the people who produce the DEVONthink programs. It gives you around 20 or more text manipulation tools, one of which is Sentence Case. You can assign it a shortcut in System Preferences in the normal way.

Thanks. Great tip. … 2312?mt=12

awwww…i would LOVE for this feature to exist. i prefer to write in all lower-case, but…there are times i want to convert it to sentence-case, and, well, there isn’t any way to do that, is there? glad i’m not the only one looking for this.

If you use Alfred, I wrote a workflow for this … itle-case/

This would be a phenomenal built-in feature for Scrivener!!!
Please add it!
Thank you

Um, see brookter’s post? Or the post directly before yours? That services app is still available in the App Store.

In Scrivener 3 you go to Edit -> Transformations -> Capitalize.

Just To Note, That Won’t Capitalise Letters That Appear To Be Falling At The Beginning Of Sentences, But Rather The First Letter Of Every Single Word In The Selection. It’s Mostly Useful For Taking Some Text From What You’ve Written And Turning It Into A Chapter Title Or Whatnot.