Convert Trial Scrivener to Paid Version

I’ve been happy with the trial version and just purchased Scrivener 3 for Windows. I downloaded and installed the software.
When I use the desktop icon to open the program, it automatically opens the current project.
According to the purchase/download instructions on the site, I was expecting to be reminded that I’m in the Trial Version and to find somewhere to enter my new license #, but I cannot find anything like that.

How can I enter the license # for the paid version after I’ve been using the trial version and have installed Scrivener 3?


The trial and the paid version are the same exact thing.

The trial stops being a trial version (the only thing different is that the expiration is removed) once registered.

Look in the help menu. When unregistered, you can do it via a submenu.
But technically you should still see a nag screen where you could otherwise register by entering your license information.
Perhaps Scrivener has an autodetect (in which case maybe you’ve already got it registered properly), I don’t remember.

I think the “regular” Scrivener (downloaded from the L&L website) is able to detect if Scrivener was bought on the App Store.

EDIT: Which is probably not the case on Windows, I missed that detail at first.

I vaguely remember that if you paste the key in a specific place Scrivener finds it on its own. But that might be some other app I have. @AmberV

Try the Help menu.
It has a Registration item that goes away once registered, if a remember correctly.

There is no automatic detection of a key on the clipboard, that must be something else.

However it would be possible to purchase the software from within the demo version, which once that process is complete, automatically activates the software, and then get the email for record keeping, download the software again and install it over the existing copy.

Nothing changes when doing so of course, it was already activated, and likely the same exact version.

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