"Converter Error" importing MS-Word file

Dear Sir,

I have a problem to import Word file of Microsoft office 2016.

When I try to import the file, Scriverner says

“No User error”
"Converter Error, Could not convert file “xxxx”…

Could you help to solve the problem? Thank you very much.

(The PC is running on Windows 10, and Scrivener is ver.

Hello mmyymmtt,
Try selecting tools/ Options/ Import/Export and then look on the bottom of that box for import converters. Ensure you have it set to the right selection. I believe that later MS word format is Docx so try setting import converter to Docx via Scrivener. Make sure you click apply and then okay. If that does not work, try the other settings. Good luck.

Dear sir,
Thanx very much for your quick response.

Although I found the options, it dose not work well.
(Converting Docx and Doc via Scrivener always cause the errors)

However, I found a solution of inserting a hyperlink to the word file.

Anyway I like Scrivener, thank you very much.

Best regards,

Try saving your word document as Rich Text Format (RTF). Then import that file. Scrivener is trying to convert to RTF itself anyway (and failing), as that’s its native format for text documents.