Converting BOLD to Italic in Imported RTF

I am importing an RTF file that contains some text in bold. I would like that text to be in italics as I work with it in Scrivener. Is there a way to convert bold to italics, either during import or after import?

(I’m using Scrivener 3.1.5 on a Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.5.)

Thanks in advance for your advice!

You can use Find by Formatting to locate the bold text, but I’m afraid there’s no way to automatically convert it en masse.


Thanks – that’ll be a good way to double-check the “eye-balling” I’ve already done! :smiley:

Once you’ve imported the text, you can load it in the editor (in Scrivenings mode, if it’s more than one document), then open Format > Styles > Show Styles Panel. Select some of the bold text within the editor, then in the styles panel, click the gear menu at bottom and choose Select Similar Formatting. You can then apply the “Emphasis” style or toggle the Bold and Italic formatting from the toolbar.

How well this works of course will depend on how similar the formatting is; if you have bold text in different fonts and sizes throughout, you’d have repeat this with a sample of each type until you’ve gotten them all, which may not end up any faster than just jumping through with the Find by Formatting and applying it manually that way. But if the formatting is mostly consistent, that tool should speed things up a bit!

Thanks! I haven’t tried those tools before. Off to experiment…

Hope it helps! “Select Similar Formatting” is also available directly via the menu under Edit > Select; if you’re not going to be reapplying styles or doing anything else with them, that might be simpler than the Styles Panel. I just always think of it from that, as it’s how I usually use it. :slight_smile: