Converting Complex Footnote/Document-Links to Affinity Publisher

I’m writing an academic book with many footnotes. Additionally, the book has many internal document links for easy referencing on a digital interface. These are working fine in the digital version. However, I’d like them to look cleaner and I need to print the book as well.

I have three questions (feel free to only answer one):

  1. Can internal document links can be automatically enumerated (and separately from the endnotes)? For instance, footnotes could be labeled 1, 2, 3 and internal document links could be labeled i, ii, iii, etc. This doesn’t seem possible but maybe someone knows better. This would make the digital interface look cleaner.

  2. Is there a way to format footnotes/internal document links so that the formatting converts to epub? It seems that epub always overrides original formatting, but something I do makes insanely small footnotes sometimes and oversized footnotes at other times. I’ve messed with preferences and styles and themes without any discernible control over the situation.

  3. When this goes to print, footnotes convert fine but internal document links don’t export to print formats (as far as I can figure out), so how do I convert these into endnotes or something similar? This may not be possible, either, so I’m thinking I need to use Affinity Publisher, but I haven’t learned that software, yet - is this worth learning for a single project or do I need to shell out a couple thousand to have someone format this for me?

Thank you,