Converting document from Word file to stage play format

I poked around the forum a bit, but didn’t find anyone else who had done anything quite as silly as this yet…
I have been working on Scriv for several months, and wanted to go back and open up an older project that I had written in Word. I would like to convert this to “Stage play (US)” format. The imported version came in, naturally, as “general text.” Here are my questions:

  1. (This one is really quite elementary) Where is the stage play format located? I have been using the screenplay format, as I thought that it was the closest I could get - although, as might be expected, it’s not ideal.

  2. Is there a way to batch convert things (character names, dialogue, etc) into their proper format? Or, barring that, is there a keystroke that I can use when I highlight, say, a character name, in order to quickly get it into the right format (as opposed to moving my mouse down to the drop-down menus at the corner of the screen)?

Many thanks in advance!


Stageplay formats are located in Text/Scriptwriting. You can also design your own formats if none of those work for you. If you do not see a list of formats in that menu (there should be about half a dozen), then you’ll need to install extras—it’s a tool that comes on the DMG you can download from the main page.

There is no batch convert, but you certainly can avoid using the mouse. Cmd-Y will bring up that menu, and from there you can tap any of the letters assigned on the right to select the associated type. You don’t have to select the text you intend to change—these are all row based, the cursor need only be anywhere within the row.

Terrific, thanks - cmd-Y was the missing step for me. And I will look into installing the “extras” as well.

Many thanks,