Converting hierarchical Scrivener folders to hierarchical HTML files

Is there a way of taking a Scrivener folder that contains subdocument files and folders, and converting it to HTML so that it’s bare-bones HTML, but outputs the same hierarchy as folders and HMTL pages? I also need to take custom Scrivener paragraph styles I use, and output them as H1…H6 in HTML. This is so that I can create a simple CSS stylesheet to give the web pages a nice, clean appearance with minimum further editing.

My main problem is taking a hierarchical structure of content, and replicating that as separate HTML files. I’ve been using the MMD -> HTML option but it only seems to ever product one file. I looked at the other option which is Export to files (choosing HTM), which does the file hierarchy, but I seem to lose all styles etc.

I’m on the latest Scrivener release. Thanks for any response