Converting Tabs to Bulleted Lists

I am transitioning my teaching notes from FileMaker to Scrivener. To do that I have copied and pasted my notes from FileMaker fields to Scrivener.

All my notes are in point form with hanging indents. The tab stops are correct but in the transition I lost the hanging indents so any text that extends past one line goes back to the left margin.

Is there any way to automatically convert my dashed and tab stops into Scrivener bulleted lists?

I have 100s of pages of notes so converting by hand is a real pain.



There are no tools that would search for a pattern in the text and then strip out parts of that pattern and replace them with visual formatting. It might be cleaner to get the material into RTF format with the formatting already correct (I’m assuming this is something FileMaker can do) and then import that into Scrivener, if copy and paste between the two programs is a bit rudimentary.

If that doesn’t work, using an intermediate general-purpose formatting tool like LibreOffice could work.