Converting to LaTeX/PDF and ePub from the same source

Hi all,

I could never chum up with MMD, though I am used to work with Restructured Text and LaTeX. But now I see some postings in this forum about writing complex latex documents with Scrivener using MMD 3, and this is interesting.

I want to set up a workflow where I can produce a pdf via latex and an epub from one source. I am currently using Sphinx to do this. I had to tweak it a little bit to meet my requirements, but it now works quite nicely.

I understand how I can use MMD markup in my text to produce a latex file by exporting it. But what will happen with the MMD-markup in my text when I compile it to epub?

Who is using a Scrivener setup to compile a printable latex-pdf and a epub from one source? How do you do it?

You might check out Fletcher’s MMD -> ePub conversion script. I don’t believe it has been updated in a while, so I don’t know if it still works (and I don’t think it was ever polished off, either, which is why you’ll need to search the Google Groups discussion board to find it, rather than on the main site). But I think it works in a rudimentary enough fashion to get a workable framework into something like Sigil.

Not to hawk another app in the forums, but I took the work I did on the MMD->ePub project and improved it for the latest beta of MultiMarkdown Composer (2.1b). I also started a demo CSS file that includes extra features to improve the formatting of ePubs created this way (the eBook style theme in the app). This theme is also useful when printing to PDF from apps that support some of the extra CSS 3 features.

I found that it is worth using Sigil to “tidy” up the ePub (e.g. splitting into separate files based on chapters), but it’s not absolutely necessary. The ePubs I have created this way have worked quite well on my iPhone and iPad, but I can’t test them on every device out there.

In either case, these tools could offer another option when exporting your MMD documents from Scrivener to ePub.

Absolutely no problems with doing that. This side of Scrivener likely wouldn’t exist without your work. I’m glad to hear that the ePub project is still alive.

So for the OP, if you did decide to go this route, this would mean compiling to plain MultiMarkdown from Scrivener, and then opening the resulting text file in Composer and generating the ePub from there (once it is out of beta, naturally).

Actually, the beta is public. So if you have a purchased version of Composer 2, you can use the beta now.


Even better. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your hints but I decided to change to a mixed environment. I am moving away from Mac OS X and need a solution which would work also under Linux. Currently I live in a mixed environment: notebook is a MacBook to impress clients, desktop is running linux. :wink:

My first impression of Scrivener for Linux is good! :slight_smile:

Then the original MMD->epub that AmberV mentioned can be tweaked to work – it uses cross-platform tools.