Cookbook / Recipe Writing

Hi there. I’m starting to write a non-fiction book that will include many recipes. Is there a format available for easy insertion of recipe info that can be added to a non-fiction document? Looking for an no-brainer way to insert: ingredients, steps, prep time, etc. (with automatic completion of words, fractions, etc.) Thanks! :unamused:

Try the Misc. template category. :slight_smile: You’ll probably want to visit the Project/Meta-Data Settings... menu and add/remove any fields you want. There are some examples already set up, but not all of the ones you listed.

Thanks Amber. Is there a way to add these templates to my non-fiction template? And not sure I understand about the Project Meta Data settings. I’m brand new to Scrivener.

I take that back! Found it. Now to figure out whether I can transfer this info to my non-fiction template, or start again in the cookbook template.

Label, status, and custom meta-data won’t transfer from one project to another, so you’ll either need to add them in manually to your non-fiction project with reference to the recipe template or start with the recipe template and import your non-fiction work into that–though keep in mind you’ll then lose any of the labels, status, and other meta-data associated with the documents in the non-fiction work (Scrivener links will also get removed, though external references, notes, synopsis, etc. will all come across intact). Which is easier for you will depend on how much you’ve already got in your project; really, it shouldn’t take too long to type up the meta-data options and especially if you’re planning to tweak them a bit, remove some or add your own, that’s probably the easier option than trying to pull all your existing work into a new project. On the other hand, if you’ve barely gotten started, you could just create a new project from the recipe template, drag over the couple documents you’ve got already, and get rolling.