Copied web links not automatically detected and made active

The web links that I copy/paste from the my web browser into a document in Scrivener are not automatically recognised by Scrivener as active links. Meaning that, like in any other program, after you copy and paste then clic on the space bar, the copied link should become an active link that send you to the web page when you click on it.
I have already activated the automatic data-recognition in Option/Corrections, but to no avail.
Only dragging and dropping the link from the browser to the Scrivener document worked: The link would then be in blue, underlined and active. But the whole process is not convenient.
It has always been a problem on older version but was hoping that it would be fixed on the 3.0 version on Windows. Any way to work around that?

I can’t replicate your issue (on the latest version). All the links I have copied and pasted into a document are fully functioning with no further input from me.

I have made no changes to the options.


Thanks for your swift answer Phil,

My problem occurs when I want to copy/paste the adress of a web page taken from the navigator search bar I want to keep for reference (image 1) .

Indeed there is no issue if I want to copy/paste an already existing active link from a web page onto a Scrivener document. Maybe that is what you have tried and it worked. If you manage to work it out in both cases, I don’t know what causing this.

Yes I copied from the navigation bar (it didn’t occur to me to copy any other links!).

I can confirm this; using either Paste or Paste and Match Style had the same result.

Drag and drop works. Copy and paste doesn’t make a link. Ctrl+Shift+L (keyboard short cut) will also work to make a link.

Must admit, with using multiple monitors most of my life I’ve always simply drag and dropped just about anything - links, graphics, docs, the works, from one screen into Scrivener.

Never thought to copy/paste one.

Learn something every day, I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for your feedbacks!
Ctrl+Shift+L (keyboard short cut) doesn’t solve myissue.

Here’s 2 old threads with the same problem as me: (2013) (2016)
Here’s a thread about someone wanting to not have the automatic format:

So, some are annoyed by auto-formats after URLs, some can’t have the auto-format. It is suggested to use Edit/Add link/no prefixe option. Meh, slow and too complicated. Everybody in theses threads seem to look for tricks to work around this problem.

Somebody suggested in a thread : “ what you’re looking for would actually be a good thing for Scrivener to add some day: a capability on the context and Format > Convert menus to make selected URIs clickable.”
Unless I miss something results seem random. No problem with Word or Google docs on this matter.

Over all, more control over this issue would be greatly appreciated. Maybe the issue could be addressed by the team.
Or back to good ol’ drag&drop.

This is my result as well. I had to manually make the link linky.

Is the browser itself a variable?


I see this as well. Copy-paste doesn’t make a link.