Copy and paste cmon

Let me CTRL C , CTRL V copy paste stuff please. That’s a quick development job that really helps. Dont make me keep right clicking > menu > duplicate. Thanks!

Windows 10 Scrivener
I just opened a project (fairly recent), selected a block of text and went Ctrl-C Ctrl-V and ended up with the text repeated.
Did I misunderstand your request?

Hi mate

Thanks for the quick response. I shouldve explained myself better.

What I mean is when I am in corkboard mode hashing out a plan I want to be able to CRTL C and CRTL V the scenes. But I think this copy/paste functionality should be applied everywhere in the explorer bar too. For example, I should be able to CTRL C and CTRL V scenes in the explorer window too for example.

Hope this helps.

Creating a new “scene” in the Corkboard (or anywhere else) is a file operation: it creates a new and unique file within the Scrivener package. Copy/paste is a text operation.

Since copying and pasting text is a very common operation in any editor view, having those same shortcut keys perform a file operation instead would be extremely confusing.

With that said, abundant tools for creating your own custom shortcuts exist.

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Hi @kewms

Technicalities such as what is a file operation or what is a text operation were not on mind. I simply wanted to have functionality that is intuitive to the user, and as what I was trying to do was essentially copy and paste scenes., so why is there not not the standard copy and paste keyboard shortcuts for it?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a scene, a paragraph or a photo of a red balloon. Copy and paste is just that.

Great software is about having an intuitive UI not trying to follow some abstract self governing rules about when a copy and paste is actually really a copy and paste.

That’s enough by me. Best not to debate a common sense issue based on programming logic.

So is that the same result you get with the Ctrl-D function (duplicate)?


Check the help menu
Ctrl + Shift + D will duplicate a document in the binder or on the corkboard (without subdocuments)
Ctrl + D will duplicate with subdocuments


I think users would be pretty unhappy to find themselves copy/pasting entire documents when they expected to be copy/pasting chunks of text. As I said, though, abundant tools for defining your own custom shortcuts exist.

I’m a little curious, though. What are you doing that requires such extensive duplication of documents? If you’re trying to produce a “form,” such as a character sheet, that might be better accomplished with the Document Template functionality.

In addition to Ctrl+D, which should satisfy most desires for keyboard-based item copying/pasting (with one shortcut instead of two), there are three other things to know of that can increase efficiency:

  • With a card selected (such as after duplication), check the Edit ▸ Move ▸ submenu and make note of those shortcuts. With Copy and Paste you’d have to arrow around to get to the right spot anyway, so there is no drop in efficiency here as we are using arrows to move the copy rather than arrowing and then pasting.
  • In the Behaviors: Dragging & Dropping options tab, set Alt-dragging creates duplicates. Now you can do like you would in Finder/File Explorer and hold down a key while dragging something to drop it right where the copy should go, leaving the original where it was.
  • For cases where the intended copy is far away from the original, the Documents ▸ Copy To ▸ submenu may be more convenient.