Copy and Paste from Word or Pages= heavy weight font in Scrivener

Whenever I cut and paste text from either Word or Pages, into Scrivener, it results in a very heavy-weight font that’s almost unreadable. It looks extremely bolded, but it’s not set on bold. If I copy and paste the formatting from another chapter created in Scrivener, then I lose italics and other formatting that would take me a long time to go back and fix by hand. How do I fix this?

What happens when you pick from the Edit menu “paste and match style …” ?

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Same thick-weighted font, and I lose all my italics.

Never mind! Just figured it out. Even though my font and formatting looked correct in Pages/Word, I changed the paragraph style to “Body”, then reformatted the indents, font, etc back to how I had it set before. Now it pastes into Scrivener correctly.

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