Copy and Paste of objects in binder

Recently I got a PDF which at first had infos for one section of my work, so I put it into Research -> section-1. But then I discovered that it also has information for another section and I tried to copy 'n paste it to this other section research folder. This don’t work.

So is it possible to get a Copy-and-Paste-Function for objects in the binder?

There will be no “Copy and Paste” in the binder for various technical reasons. However, you can already achieve what you want - just use the “Duplicate” feature (cmd-D) - this just combines “copy-and-paste” into one function.


Another thing you can do, to avoid increasing file size, is to drag the PDF into the references area for the document or folder which uses information from it.

Glad I stumbled across this thread, I was about to post the same question.

juh – You can also select “Duplicate” from the “Documents” menu (I always wind up forgetting cmd-key shortcuts, they’re so different from application to application).


Duplicate! Yes! Oh I searched for it. Must have lost my glasses. :wink: