Copy Auto-Complete list between projects

So, the situation is I have three novel-length manuscripts that need major updates. The first has the most recent up-to-date auto-complete list and since the data spills over into the latter two manuscripts I’d like to avoid manually recreating it in #2 and #3 if possible, I’ve looked at the app and files and not found anyway to copy the data between projects.

I’ve considered copying the manuscripts from #2 and #3 into #1 but right now want to really keep them separate, for my own sanity if nothing else.

If anyone has a better idea I’d love to hear about it.

Nevermind, I found an answer.

My mistake was searching the .scrv project file for a separate auto-complete list file inside. Instead I found the data in the very last entry of the .scrvx file within the .scrv project file. Since .scrivx files are in ,xml format it was simple to open all three and copy the section from the first into the others and save them.

Of course, YMMV.

An easier way is just to drag the list between projects:

  1. Open Project Settings > Auto-Complete List in each project.

  2. Select and drag the auto-complete list items from one project settings window to the other.

All the best,

Darn, missed that one.

Did try to copy and paste without any effect but didn’t think to try drag & drop!

Thx for the tip.