cloud service (dropbox alternative)

There is a cloud alternative called “copy” (which is a horrible name … try searching for it on Google, or on this forum for that matter!)

A lot of people like it for reasons such as you get more free space, their referral program is better than Dropbox (I have 3.5t of space from that!) and so on. When I first used it and needed to sync up 150g of data, it took days, but it has apparently sped up (they were being inundated). Apparently Condi Rice joining the board of Dropbox made a lot of Dropbox users nervous.

Anyway, as you probably know, there are risks to using cloud syncing services with Apple packages (and Scrivener projects are packages). I’m wondering if any one either a) knows how Copy works in comparison to Dropbox or b) has any experience. I’ve been using Copy for a while (out of ignorance mainly) and so far so good. Don’t take that as a recommendation.

Regarding that first point, I’m asking the same question and I’ll post whatever I learn here. Ultimately if I get enough info and it is relevant I’ll write a post on my blog about it.