Copy Documents as TOC Problem

I think this is a Bug… I apologize if it is user error ahead of time but I don’t think it is.

When I copy documents as TOC and paste it into a text. When i compile it, no matter what type of file, it just prints the literal text of “chapter 1 <$p>”

It doesn’t put dots in or put the actual page numbers in.

This approach is only supported by a few file types, namely those that have some concept of static pagination, like PDF or word processing files. It does nothing in formats that have no pages, like HTML-based files or plain-text.

Secondly, make sure the full text is hyperlinked, that you can click on a <$p> and it takes you to the expected item in the binder. Without the hyperlinks all of this is just random text in the editor. You could end up with this condition if for some reason you use Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style instead of regular paste.

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