Copy formatting?

If I import a small piece of text, and in comes in formatted NOT like the rest of the document, is there a way to copy formatting? Something like Paste and Match Style, but I don’t want to paste; or something like Word’s format painter? I see something like this in the Document menu, but this is just for a small selection, not the whole document.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, there are actually two different copy and paste commands for formatting. One will copy only the character attributes, like font settings, and the other will copy ruler settings (all paragraph spacing, tab stops and indents). You’ll find these commands within the Format menu, Font and Text sub-menus respectively.

In the next version (currently in public beta) we’ll be introducing a more powerful version of this that lets you store settings into named presets.

Actually I think the command you are referring to (in the Convert sub-menu?) is even more large-scale than what you’re thinking of. That is used to convert whole batches of documents (or at the very least, one entire document) to the default settings in your Editor Options. It’s very handy for cleaning up large amounts of text after import.