Copy & paste blue underlined text?

I’m just getting used to Scrivener. It’s a bit of a steep learning curve. I C&P’d the regular text from a current project I was writing on a Google Doc, and it formatted in Scrivener as blue text, underlined. I can’t work out how to change it to normal text. Can anyone point to what I might be missing? Many thanks!

Hi KayKnight. This is a common problem, and it’s usually better to use import to bring in text. I’m with you that copy & paste is super convenient and I wish it worked. But I have to go with what works.

Thank you so much, that’s actually a very helpful pointer. Bit of a long way round, as I’ve had to create a word doc, but now I’ve started, I know where I am. Much appreciated.

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It all depends on what the source app puts into the clipboard (sometimes a lot of junk), and how Scrivener pastes it. I try to remember to always to Menu: Edit → Paste and Match Style.

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I’ve gone so far as to swap the key commands in Scriv for Paste and Paste & Match Style, because I wanted the default behavior to be the latter.