Copy Paste bullet list from chrome in 025 causes crash

New to scrivener. I’m about to start a thesis and have been testing scrivener. All is good… but, I can consistently crash it by simply copy pasting a list (both numbered and bullets) from Chrome (12.0.742.112) into Scrivener 025. I’m on Windows 7, and the project file is blank except for five lines at the top.

If i remove the lines and just do a straight copy/paste into a blank text item, there is no problem. Only when there is text above and I paste in bullet/numbered lists does it crash, every time.

Hi, and welcome to the forums (and Scrivener)! Thanks for this report. It seems that there are some formatting issues in pasting that are causing crashes on the 025 beta. Try using Edit>Paste and Match Style to do the paste and see if that helps–it will strip formatting from the copied text, so it may not always be an ideal option, but if it’s just a basic list you could paste it and then reformat it once you’re in Scrivener and that might work for now. Or, if you’ve got another browser, try using that–IE and Firefox don’t seem to cause this because they don’t copy the bullet.