Copy/Paste From Other Apps?

I do most of my writing from other computers since I can’t access my laptop at work. So what I end up doing is writing first drafts through Google Docs, and then copying/pasting into Scrivener. The problem is when I do this, the formatting is helter-skelter, usually only taking up half of the screen. I’ve messed with the formatting to no avail. I’ve also tried nuking all formatting options by pasting into Notepad and then into Scrivener, but this does not always work.

Is there a way to copy from Google Docs or Evernote into Scrivener, and then adjust the formatting so it takes up the entire page, rather than half of it, please?

Using Paste and Match Style in a fresh document should work for this, as it just pastes as plain-text, stripping all the formatting that comes along for the ride from Google Docs. Be sure though that you start in a clean document, rather than one you’ve already pasted into and then trashed the text, etc., since the formatting will still be in the document at that point, ready for new text, and the pasted text will just pick it up.

Often times you can use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style after a regular paste to fix formatting issues by applying your default formatting settings to the document (as defined in the Editor tab of Tools > Options). That should fix things like the right-indent being set wrong. It won’t change character formatting like colour and underline, however, so it may not be sufficient for the Google Docs paste, as that sometimes comes across with text appearing “linked”, blue and underlined, and that would not be removed. Between the two commands you should be able to get this all working nicely though.

Thank you! I’ll give that a shot!

Hi, I’m also having this problem. I tried the suggestion and it worked, but I’m wondering why I am not able to change the formatting after pasting something? For example – I first pasted something and it set the font size to 24. I wanted the font to be size 12, so I hit ctrl-z to start fresh. When I then pasted again with no formatting, it was still making the font size 24, and I couldn’t highlight my text and change it to 12. I had to start a whole new page in order to paste the text in my desired font size. This could be a problem down the road if I am pasting a quote into an already established document… So I’m just wondering why this problem happens and if there is something I can do to fix it?

I think this may help you out. it gives a detailed description on the entire copy paste system of Scrivener on Windows … on-windows