copy paste from web gives dual pictures

A very surprising thing is happening now. When I copy from the web, say an article from NYT, it pastes nicely into scrivener, but as of today…nov 15 2018 (or maybe yesterday) every picture is inserted twice, with the twist that possible copyright text following the photo seems inverted in placement. (Like an unruffled reflection form a pond)

I normally use macros from Keyboard Maestro, but a plain copy paste gives same outcome???

would you have any notion of WHY???
My iMac runs Mojave 10.14.1 and Scrivener is 3.1.1

kind regards

I see no issues over here with Vivaldi 2.1.1337.47 (Chromium core), Safari 12.0 and Firefox 63.0.1. I pasted into Scrivener and TextEdit from this forum thread page. There are three images (two without an avatar).