copy paste in out, bullets, numbered, and line spacings

Hi Lee - a couple of tidbits for the polishing basket. I by the way think copy-paste is getting better behaved bye the bye, so these are things just noticed for the state of 1.6:

  1. when pasting text from Scrivener in a text-only fashion, bullets or numbered on paragraphs don’t paste. This may have been a choice, but seems counter to usual experience. The bullets/numbers shouldn’t be lost. I guess any indents should be produced as spaces, also, for nice continuity.

2, when pasting from Scrivener in a rich-text fashion, i.e. to Word or Onenote, bullets or numbered are fine, but two other things go wrong.

a. The font size is now varied, a couple of points smaller for the bullet/number paragraphs than plain paras, though font size is the same in the Scrivener document.

b. Also, paragraph-to-paragraph line spacings are lost for both plain and bullet/number paragraphs.

  1. Going the other direction, pasting in to Scrivener, things now look fine, coming either from text-only or from rich text documents. Style was matched automatically as default, which feels just right. I think there’s been some work there, if memory serves, so thanks.

  2. Hmm. Trying things once again, a possibly helpful point on 2.b… If you paste either keeping source formatting or destination formatting, you still lose the paragraph line spacing (the leading), though the font size issue of course clears up. Indeed my OneNote default formatting is no-leading, so this indicates you’re simply not passing the rich text leading to use when pasting (default) source-formating fashion.

  3. I thought I saw one other thing, but can’t repeat it, so I will hold onto that one unless seen again. I’m thinking now it wasn’t really there (another copy-paste variation).

Best, Lee, and hope this helps at appropriate time.


I’m getting these bullet-point problems too - big problem for technical writing.

[Vista, beta v 1.7]