Copy/Paste Issue

I am currently knee-deep in transferring large amounts of text from my Notes app to my Scrivener file and I’ve noticed something odd. When I am copying and pasting folder titles, sometimes, randomly, other, already-named folders that have not been selected will change their title to the pasted title when I paste the title into the unnamed folder. Is there something I can do to prevent this from continuing to happen? The more folders I have the more messy this is becoming.

Some questions I would have to narrow this done:

  • It’s peculiar this would only happen to “folders”, that being an almost imaginary construct. Is that mainly because you aren’t copying and pasting text into item names?
  • Where is the pasting being done, into the binder, outliner, Scrivenings session with titles enabled, etc.
  • Where is the copying being done from, within Notes.
  • Does this happen the moment you load the project and start working in it, or only after a time does the problem build up and get worse. How often does it happen.
  • Does reloading the project show the problem to be display-only: are the titles really renamed in the binder, or do they just look like it?
  • What version of macOS are you testing on?

I haven’t witnessed it happening to text documents, only folders, so far.
I am pasting text inside the Binder.
The copying is done from text inside individual notes documents.
It happens randomly and it’s getting harder to detect because of the increasing amount of folders in the binder. It happens multiple times during a work session.
Reloading doesn’t change the retitled names in the binder. They stay renamed.
I am using the latest version of Sonoma.

Oof, okay.

For the moment, please go into the General: Warnings preference tab, and enable the internal error alerts setting, then reload the software to get a fresh session going this. This will alert you to internal errors occurring the moment they do. A lot of them are benign (or may not even come from Scrivener) which is why we don’t show them all by default, but if you’re running into something like this, it can help you find the problems that aren’t benign, if they are indeed the result of an exception.

It certainly sounds like memory is getting scrambled, but normally that happening results in an instant crash to protect you from data loss like this.

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Data loss…? More like a complete data change. I mean, it’s replacing preexisting data with new data, unprovoked.

Yes, data loss in that the original data, the original title, is now lost. It’s more a general term than stuff just vanishing or deleting. But these are semantics, either way it’s not a very nice bug.

So, when I discover that it’s happened again, after implementing the changes as you’ve instructed, what do I do then? Does the error log show up in Scrivener and if it does, do I post it here or send in a ticket to KB or Astrid via email?

Okay, apparently, I’ve already got the internal error alert selected inside General/Warnings.

Okay, well you definitely would have noticed if it was that kind of problem. It pops up in the middle of what you are doing and acts like a crash report window.

Does this tend to happen to stuff that has been in the binder for a while, or only newly created things? Reason I ask it it might help to see a before/after copy of the .scrivx file itself (the entire project is not necessary would be a waste of bandwidth to send anyway). But if this only happens during a session that probably won’t be easy to capture in such a way. Otherwise you could get the .scrivx file out of the package folder from the most recent backup, along with the one that just malfunctioned, and zip those up to send to support.

The .scrivx file is the one at the very top of the project structure, the only file at the top level. It contains the binder contents and metadata assignments, mainly.

  1. When these errant folders get new names, are the names in italics? (If they are in italics, then those items are being given automatic titles based on the text within them.)

  2. Are you not copying over any text from Notes that you are pasting into the Editor pane of Scrivener – that is, copying over the textual content of your notes? Your description only mentions pasting text into title fields of folders in the Binder.

  3. Do you by any chance have Scrivenings view mode turned on?