copy/paste of Scrivener Link" loses its linkedness?

I have tried changing all relevant-seeming prefs, reading the help, and searching the forums for the (very common) terms ‘scrivener link copy paste’, but I can’t resolve this. The problem:

– When I copy/paste “Scrivener Links” the pasted text loses its linkedness, both highlighting and clickability both.

Is this a bug? Is there a(nother) preference I can try changing? I think I have tried everything.


Rather than a bug, I prefer to call it an “oversight”. :wink: This is already fixed for the next update. (In the meantime, if you create an annotation or footnote inside the text you want to copy, the link will get copied fine; Scrivener decides on how to write data to the pasteboard based on what is in the copied text. It uses a custom format if there is an annotation or footnote in the text, but I neglected to check for Scrivener Links too in earlier versions.)

All the best,