copy paste with german Umlaute looses letters

I’m working on a german OSX and had to discover that copy paste from a pdf looses some! german Umlauts:
small ä (ae)
small ö (oe)

If I first paste these into a txt document an then paste them to scrivener then everything is ok.

It sounds as though it is a conflict with the rich text system… Scrivener just uses the built-in copy/paste of OS X’s text and PDF views and has no code to do with this itself. Try doing the same into a rich text file in TextEdit and you should see the same behaviour.

You could try using Paste and Match Style instead of Paste, though, as this does a plain-text paste, so hopefully this will have the same effect of pasting into TXT and then copying and pasting back.

Let me know if that helps.
All the best,

This is not a general problem. I have a German OS too and I copy and paste from PDFs all the time without loosing any umlaut.

My guess is that it is a coding problem of some PDFs. TextEdit – you generate the txt file in TextEdit, don’t you? – has settings for the coding of imported texts, maybe it does some converting Scrivener does not.

Try different PDFs to find out if you loose characters from every PDF or just from some.

It might be a font problem, some fonts contain some vowels with a pair of dots above but not the full set of German umlauts. Like Keith said, try Paste & Match Style so the text will be displayed in your standard text font which does contain all umlauts.

Hi Keith,
post and match style indeed doesn’t have the problem.
But if I would like to keept the style could there be another way?