Copy scrivener project from windows to ipad via itunes

This must seem obvious because all of the forum sites talk about what to do after transferring a project from windows Scrivener to Ios but the sites with steps have not worked for me.
I have two questions:

  1. how do I copy a windows scrivener project from my laptop via Itunes to my Ipad scrivener app?
  2. On the Ipad scrivener app how can I re-set the double arrows at the top right corner (sync)? I read that this should come up with two choices ‘update from Itunes’ and ‘Dropbox’. Mine only tries to sync with Dropbox which I don’t have.
    Thank you very much for any help,

To unlink Dropbox you need to tap the Edit button in the project screen, then the gear icon in the footer bar. Now when you tap the sync icon you’ll get the “Update From iTunes” command. In many cases you won’t need that command, as the app does check for updates in logical situations, such as when returning to the project screen after working in another project.

As for the rest, have you checked the Scrivener for Windows user manual PDF for instructions yet? If not, there are step-by-step instructions to be found in §12.1.2, Managing Projects Directly (iTunes).

Thank you very much that did give me the ‘update from Itunes’ option. I must be doing something else incorrect. I added my scrivener file to Itunes through the Scrivener app found in Itunes but the file is still not showing up in my Ipad.
I will re-read the manual. Thanks again for trying to help me.