Copy Special commands in Collections

I am finding that the all the Copy Special commands are grayed out when inside a collection. Is that how it’s supposed to work? I’m trying to get a ToC-like list of a collection. Seems like it should be possible to do that. So I’m wondering.


Hi MGD – You can Select All in a Collection, so that its documents show up as a Multiple Selection in Outline View. Then Select All of those documents for a Copy Special to TOC.

(Now if only we could go the other way: a set of Scrivener Links into a Collection. I’d use that relentlessly.)

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, Jerome.

When I Select All on a collection, then select Copy Special on the Edit menu, all of its submenus are grayed out (in which case its parent should also have been grayed out.)

On the right-click, there are no Edit commands at all.

I just discovered that if you Select All in a collection, then use the Reveal in Binder command under the button on an editor’s header bar, you can then get the Copy Special commands.

Seems like not having those options directly available on collections is an oversight of some kind. Hard to imagine how it would be substantively any different from running those commands in the binder.

The commands should be available from the collections, and I’ve made sure it’s on the list. As Jerome mentioned, you can select all the documents in the collection and load them in the outliner, then switch focus to the outliner and select them all there and the commands will be available. I’m not sure it’s any simpler than Reveal in Binder. In both cases, the links are listed in binder order, and not the collection order as they should be when copied from the collection, so unfortunately it’s not a workaround to that problem.