Copy/text disappeared when re-arranging Folders and Text

I was re-titling one of my folders and moving it. The copy I’d just written disappeared in my two most recent folders. However, in Scrivenings mode the new copy/text is still there. What is the best way to get the text that’s in the Scrivenings mode into its correct folder in the subdocuments? And how can I avoid losing text when re-arranging folders in my binder.

I’m using a MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 and I am new.
Thank you, —Clara

Hello Clara. Welcome to the forum, and thank you for using Scrivener.

It sounds like the work is still in your Binder, but it’s not necessarily placed where you were expecting. It’s possible that it’s hidden in a collapsed menu. If you see any folders or documents in your Binder with a chevron before them, you can click on that chevron to expand their subcontents. That should help you see the document for relocating it to where you want it.

Another option is to use project search to locate some wording specific to that document. Then, you can Ctrl+Click on that document in the search results and select “Reveal in Binder.”

Scrivener should then show you all of the documents in your Binder with that document/folder still highlighted. You can then move it from there.

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Hi Ruth,
Thank you so much. Using project search, Ctrl+Click, and “Reveal in Binder” fixed the issue.

I found another problem and if I need to do a new support question, I’m happy to. In the Scrivening mode, the text of one of my folders shows up twice but it is not there when I click off of Scrivening mode. Also, in Scrivening mode, the first time the text appears it’s centered, enlarged to 22pt and in a different font then I’ve chosen for this particular project. It’s like it’s in Heading 1, the entire text. Can I just delete the incorrect version? Or will that deleted both versions? —Thank you.

This second problem sounds like a substantial part of the text is duplicated in the title of the item. You can check (and fix) this by opening just the problem item and checking the title area above the Editor pane.

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Again, thank you. The problem text only shows when I’m in View>Text Editing>Show titles in Scrivenings. If I un-check that, or check just: Only show Scrivenings titles for Folders the problem isn’t there.

Do you think if I delete the problem text this with correct the titles in Scrivenings?
Sorry. I’ve watched all the videos trying to solve these problems. I’m trying to figure it out on my own.
You have been awesome support!

Which indicates that the problem text is most likely in the Binder title of the item itself. See my previous post for how to edit it.

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It is also possible you have typed some of your text onto the walls of some of your folders themselves rather than into text documents — which could add to the confusion.

See this my reply to another post of yours: