Copy + Underline = Crash!

I selected a note to copy from one Scapple doc to another. When I pressed Command-C, Scapple crashed.

The crash seemed to occur because the note included underlined text, so I eventually simplified what I did to this:

  • Restart my Mac
  • Start Scapple
  • Create a new note
  • Set some of the text to Underline
  • Press Command-C
  • Scapple crashes

I have tried variations on this (without restarting the computer every time) and Scapple crashes pretty reliably :wink:

(However, I just tried selecting notes with underlined text in some of my existing files, and not all of them cause a crash when you copy them. It turns out that this happens reliably on notes which use my Default Note Style when you underline some of the text, but not on other notes.)