Copy without Comments etc.; please make it easier

I sort of understand why basic copy Ctrl-C might work the way it does, but it’s annoying that there is no practical way to copy without Comments etc. other than by menu or Alt-E, Y, W, which is a lot of hand or finger-work.

I looked to add a keyboard shortcut but it’s not a command to which a shortcut can be assigned.

Rationale: reduce effort required to copy and paste of text into other software for proofing – during proofing, the copy command needs to be invoked a lot and its inaccessibility creates interface friction (friction creates heat, heat creates fire and fire leads to flames :wink: )


  • [Preferred] Allow keyboard shortcut e.g. Ctrl-Shift-C (paralleling Ctrl-Shift-V which is without formatting)
  • [Acceptable] Make the default Ctrl-C copy according to whether or not markup is shown or hidden: if the markup that indicates commented etc. text is visible, copy text and comment; otherwise copy text only
  • [Better Than Nothing] Only make the default Ctrl-C copy the comment as well as the commented text if comments and footnotes are shown in the inspector

I did a forum search and noted that this topic has been raised before over the years. Is it something that could be addressed now?

Not all menu commands at this point can be assigned a shortcut. It’s true.
Amber mentioned a while back (if I remember properly) that it is planned that eventually they all will.
Meanwhile, if the Alt+ sequence isn’t convenient, you might want to have a look at the possibilities AutoHotKey offers. That’s what a lot of the advanced users opt for.

In short, you’d use a script that when hitting your shortcut of choice, it’d seamlessly trigger the Alt+ menu navigation for you.

That works (aside very few exceptions) for everything that can’t currently be assigned a shortcut.
It also allows to program macros. Sequences of actions.
So, if there is any action sequence that you repeatedly do and that involves a couple of shortcuts or menu commands, you can turn it into a single keystroke.

Thx. I’ve finally installed AutoHotkey but I don’t have time yet to set it up… maybe at the weekend.