Copyholder color

Can a copyholder window’s color or border color be changed to distinguish it better from an editor window?


A copyholder is an editor.

Could you explain what you’re trying to achieve in more detail? There may be an alternative approach.


All I am after is to make it clear to the eye which editor is the copyholder. They seem alike to me.

The copyholder has no footer, and has a “pop-out” arrow and a window close ‘x’ in the upper right corner. Yes, I agree that these are subtle differences.

Is there a particular reason why the difference matters? For instance, are you trying to compare two versions of a document? That is, do you want to be able to identify the copyholder specifically, or the document that it displays?


You can also use things in a Quick Reference Panel. QRPs allow you to change the background colors and such via Scrivener → Preferences → Appearance → “Quick Reference” under the colors tab. To make it so it stays put, just “Float the Quick Reference panel” via Window → Float Quick Reference Panel.

Now you can move back and forth with your editor visually seeing the difference between the one you’re copying from an the one you’re working in. When you’re done, close the panel down and turn off the float. Hope this helps.

Yes, I’d like to identify the copyholder specifically so I can compare two documents. A QRP is an option, as is using a split.