Copying existing scene into another increases Session Target word count

Since the words already exist, I would like the Session Target to remain the same as it was previous to the copying of one scene into another. I haven’t typed any new words, I’ve merely copied an existing scene into another to tie them together directly.

Of course the updated Project Target written words remain the same because I’ve deleted the old scene entirely, so that isn’t the problem.

Also, there’s simple math, so overall it isn’t an earth-shattering problem.

Drag and drop instead of copying. :wink:

Edit- this is easiest if the scene you are moving is in its own document.

Depending on your workflow, and if the (section/scene) is part of a larger document, you can use the “split at selection” to split the scene you want to move into it’s own document for drag &drop.

Another option is to “append to selection” if the scene you are moving is destined to the end of a document

Thanks, but none of that works for what I want to do. It all evens out the next day, though, so that’s all right. Copy-Paste works fine. I’ll use simple math to record my daily words in my summary log/series bible.

Also try duplicate if that is what you are going for, in copying the text of one scene into another. Text commands count, binder commands do not. And if you want to move the text, cut and paste will keep your count as those are both text editing commands (subtracting and adding respectively).

But as noted, dragging the scene is better if we’re talking about moving the whole thing some place else.


My scenes are in New Text folders. I copied text I wanted to move, pasted it into the Text folder where I wanted to move the scene, and then deleted the text in the original Text folder. That appears to work.