Copying files from one project to another

Quick question:

I have a folder of files in one very large project that I’d like to import into another medium sized project. Both projects are too large to try and make a template, and so I was wondering if there was a way to duplicate the folder of files and somehow transfer it from one project to another?

I don’t need the files/folder to be linked in any way, I just want to copy them over so that I can use them in the second project, independent of the first.

Thanks for anyone who can give me some ideas,


Just drag and drop the files from the origin to the destination project.

Drag and drop will behave as a “Copy” operation. That is, it will leave the files in place in the original project, and create new copies in the destination project.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to take a backup (Files -> Backup -> Backup Now) before doing any kind of large scale reorganization.


Note that you should do the dragging from and to the Binders of the respective projects. Dragging from or to cork board or outline views, for instance, probably won’t work (or won’t work as you want it to).

My question is also about copying files from project to project. I am currently revising a very long novel on Scrivener. I was travelling and turned off my Wifi, and while it was off I backed up my Scrivener work to the desktop instead of, as usual, to Dropbox. When I came home and opened up Scrivener, somehow it went to the Dropbox version instead, and now I have new revisions on two different versions of the same project.
So, I thought to move some of the files from one project to another. I went through outliner mode in both projects and sorted out the changes I had made by the “modified” dates, and color coded them. Now I would like to move them into the same project. I thought to copy files from binder to binder, as outlined in the exchange above–but when I put two projects side by side the binder gets very narrow, and I can’t seem to change the size so that I can see the items to move. I keep trying to move the little arrow, but nothing happens. Am feeling really stupid…is there an easy solution to this?
This would not be a problem if I could also drag and drop from the outliner window to the other outliner window (because I can see the contents of those). Can I do that?
Hope any of that makes sense! I love Scrivener, but sometimes I get lost…

If the screen is too small, you don’t have to try and fit both projects entirely within it at once. All you need is a sliver of the binder showing up behind the source project to drop on to. You can sort later once you’ve copied everything over. Is that what you mean?

Oh and a tip, since it sounds like you’ve labelled everything that needs to move over, you can search for that label and get everything in a concise list in the source target. Select all of the search results and drag them over at once. I wouldn’t bother with trying to organise while dragging, is what I’m saying. Just get the stuff into the target project en masse, and then sort it out within that project.

thank you! that worked.

Thanks so much for the helpful advice. Can’t believe that it was as easy as drag and drop. D’Oh! :blush: