Copying folders and files in the draft?

First of all, thank you for creating such a wonderful, useful, and high-quality product. It amazes me that one person could create such a great program, with so many useful features and lacking many of the noisome quirks of other commercially available software. I have found this product very useful and look forward to using it in the future, recommending it to others, and purchasing it when it becomes available.

I do have one question. It does not seem possible to copy folders and files (that appear on the left of the screen). One can move them around, and one can select the text within a file and copy it into a newly created file (perhaps file is not the right word, I mean text section), but I haven’t found out how to copy entire folders and files to place copies in other parts of the document.

This would be useful for me, for example when I have some text which I need to place in several places in the draft. This might not appear useful to someone writing a novel (why would you want a chapter or scene repeated?) but I am producing marketing and promotional materials, and end up using the same text in a number of ways and formats.

I’m sure there must be a way to do this, but I haven’t figured out how!

Best wishes! And thanks!

Oddly enough, this very same question was asked only two days ago: … .php?t=842

Basically, the answer is that whilst you cannot copy & paste (for technical reasons), you can “Duplicate” documents (cmd-D, available from the “Documents” menu). This is essentially just a copy-and-paste rolled into one, and will do exactly what you want.


Thanks – it is good to know that feature does exist. I suppose I was looking in the “Edit” menu intuitively and couldn’t find it there. It also doesn’t appear when one right-clicks on the item. I wonder if it could be added as an option when you right-click, since that is where a usual copy function would go?

Thanks again for doing such a great job and saving so many people so much time and headache!