Copying mobi files to Kindle

Can someone help me with this mobi file problem? I’ve output several novels as mobi (Kindle) files, using Scrivener. When I copy them across from my computer to the Documents folder in my Kindle using the USB cable they work fine. They appear on the Home page on my Kindle and open successfully, just like any other Kindle book. But I’ve tried emailing those mobi files to friends as attachments and they say that, while they can copy the files to their Kindle, the books don’t appear on their Kindle Home screens.

To copy a new mobi file across to a Kindle successfully, does one have to do more than copy just the single mobi file? (Even though it worked for me?) I’ve noticed that the books I buy from Amazon seem to arrive as folders rather than single files. I’d be glad for advice on this, as I’m just about to email a lot of mobi files to my beta-readers for review - and also put them up at Gumroads for single file download!

Do your friends use Fire-based readers by any chance? For some mysterious reason, these models do not treat books you transfer to the device as being “Books” but rather “Documents”.

Amazon delivers extra files when necessary for things like X-Ray. It’s fine to just have one .mobi file though. I’ve been proofing documents on Kindles using that method for years. In fact I often just compile straight into the Kindle. :slight_smile: