Copying Pages from one Project to another

Hi - just working on a project in Scrivener for iOS and realized some files I have in Research in another Project would be helpful. Is there any way in Scriver for iOS to do that, or do I have to do that on my MacBook? Searched the forums but couldn’t find anything on that. Thanks!

If you’re viewing a file in a project that you want to copy to another project, tap the share/compile icon (an arrow rising out of a box), and then choose “Send a Copy”, choose RTF output type, and then save to Dropbox, iCloud, or other services installed on your iDevice (I have the Google Drive app, Dropbox app, and a couple of other apps that can accept files shared this way). Then go to the project in Scrivener that you want to import that file to, view the binder, and tap the import button (arrow going down into a box), select the same service you previous exported to, navigate to your file and import it.

That’s a lot of words for 5-6 taps on your screen, but don’t let that deter you; it’s always longer to explain how to do something.