Copying tab stops/indents from Word docx

When I import a Word docx into Scrivener, the margin is set at 12 and there are no tab stops in the ruler.
When I copy and paste into Scrivener, I can’t get any tab stop after the first to be properly indented. It has a double indent. If I copy and paste the ruler down, that doesn’t work. There doesn’t seem to be a format painter like most MS Windows apps have. If there isn’t a simple solution for this, Scrivener is not for me.

OK, I found another item addressing margins which also had the indent issue. Somehow, don’t really understand how or why, there were paragraph indents that were tab stops in some locations in the Word documents I was bringing in. When I corrected that in Word, all was fine on repasting the text into Scrivener. :mrgreen: