Copying to USB

Hi, all.

I hope you’re well. I’d hoped that my first post to this forum wouldn’t be of the ‘Please help me!’ variety. :blush:

An…y…way. Firstly, let me say that I am aware this isn’t Scrivener best practice, but I want to preserve my workflow when I’m working on university machines.

So, I’m trying to copy Scrivener files onto a USB drive to run it that way. I get most of the way through, and am presented with this:

What do I do from here?

Many thanks,


Are you copying your APPDATA folder as well? I ask because this is a .scrivtemplate file, which is the sort of thing you’d see in the New Project window as a tile that you can use to create a new project from. It’s perfectly fine if that is what you are doing, but it wouldn’t ordinarily be something you’d need to copy to get your working projects moved around. Once a project is created from a template, it is a completely separate thing and does not depend upon it.

I’m also curious about the name of it, ‘19’. I’d normally expect to see something like that from a file that is inside a project (data files all become numbered, that is how Scrivener recognises them internally). Could it be you’ve dragged a project template into the Binder of another project?

At any rate, it is usually safe to ignore a message like that. It usually just means the file has extended meta-data assigned to it by the operating system that isn’t supported by the file system format on the USB drive itself. The data itself should copy without any problems.

I wasn’t copying my APPDATA folder - thanks for the reassurance.

It seems to work as I hoped on the university system. :slight_smile:

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