Cork board does not look like cork board on IOS

Cork board does not look like cork board on IOS app. Is there a setting for this? I cannot seem to find it. Thanks

No, it doesn’t have a cork texture, nor a setting for such available. :frowning:

This morning I decided to find a corkboard image to use in Scrivener on my iPad. I found one I liked on the web, downloaded it into Photos, and went through the steps.
1 ) Enter corkboard view
2 ) Select Information
3 ) Scroll down to Corkboard Image and select
4 ) Select Choose and then Photo Library
5 ) Select All Photos and then pick the background I want, then Done
6 ) Select Back and Done again
7 ) Expect to see my new corkboard background
8 ) Wipe away single tear

The image is not showing. Is there an upper limit on how large the image can be? Is it a format problem?

I just went to Settings>Scrivener>Background Colors>Corkboard and there I can select “Corkboard”, but the result is a slightly darker tone of color than the basic gray. It’s not an image of a corkboard texture per se. But it does seem to be preventing my downloaded corkboard texture from displaying…and there’s no way to really disable that setting. There is no “Off” selection.

I know this isn’t a critical feature of Scrivener, but the corkboard as mine sits now is almost jarringly austere after using my laptop and desktop so much. Thanks for reading and happy Father’s Day to my fellow dads.

Happy Father’s Day to you.

If you’re talking about this setting:

That’s a mechanism for using an image instead of text for an index card in corkboard view, not for the corkboard background. You could use a character or location image, for example.

The corkboard background is limited to the choices that you’ve found in Settings app.

Thank you.