Cork board icon confusion

Hi All,

I’m new to Scrivener and am loving it so far, but will probably have lots of annoying questions over the coming weeks. I’ve tried googling the answer but it’s so specific I can’t seem to find a solution…

So - I’ve opened a new project. I have a handful of ‘scenes’ (I’m using the screenplay template) and in the cork board view I can see them laid out… but why does one have a different icon (a yellow page) in the top left corner? All the others have a white image with a red line and then several blue lines under it. But this one has the yellow page and I can’t seem to change it… or see how it is different than the others?

Can anyone advise?


Slàinte mhòr.

Indeed, it means you have turned on scriptwriting mode for that document. You can turn scriptwriting mode on or off by opening the document, putting the cursor in the text editor area, and going to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode. Cmd-8 also toggles this mode, so perhaps you hit it by mistake?

All the best,

Ah… thank for the help!

So I’ve got several that are the icon for “synopsis has been added… but nothing typed into the main text” and it’s just the last one that is “scriptwriting documents”.

I meant it to be a scriptwriting file, but these icons should all be the same, and I assumed I’d just pressed something wrong. I tried to change it to the “synopsis has been added” icon but it wouldn’t work. And I then realised that the yellow paper scriptwriting icon is always the last one - i added a few more scenes and it’s only ever the last one that has that icon, the others revert the “synopsis has been added” as soon as they aren’t the last…

If that makes sense… I’m still not sure why that is though…

Where did you enter the text? On the card in the Corkboard?